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If you think updating your CV is a challenge, imagine keeping track of the ongoing deeds of the world’s most prominent figures. Fortunately, we work with some publishers who do just that, so that your users’ biographical reference needs will never want for current information. Below you’ll find the latest 2015 editions of Debrett’s People of Today and Who’s Who, along with the Credo Core Collections in which they are included.

Debrett’s People of Today 2015 –¬†Debrett’s People of Today is a comprehensive study of contemporary Britain’s most notable and successful people, including the correct style of address to be used when addressing correspondence to an entrant. Look for it in our Academic and Public Core Collections.

Marquis Who’s Who in the World –¬†Provides instant access to personal profiles – reviewed, revised, and proofread by the listees themselves – providing guaranteed accuracy and immediacy. You’ll find this title in our School, Public, and Academic Core Collections.

Marquis Who Was Who in America 1985-present –¬†Preserves the lifetime accomplishments of many world history-makers. This title is available in our Public, School, and Academic Core Collections.



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